Saturday, August 18, 2007

Not The Government Storms Los Angeles (Updated)

Want to learn how make somebody's eyes roll, and I mean nearly completely roll over to the back of their heads like the finale of a Blue Angels' show? Here's my secret: Tell them that your baby sister and her husband moved to L.A. with "the band" to chase fame and fortune. Works every time. Hell, I nearly even blinded this dude in my unit. Traumatic eye strain.

But, seriously, It seems that the band aka "Not the Government" has booked their first show in LA after making the trek from Texas to California. It's at some place called the Knitting Factory which I'm guessing is filled with twenty-somethings in ironic clothes. My LA reader(s) should attend the show and tip generously. Buy lots of T-shirts. Worship them like the rock gods that they are.

The good news is that my sister isn't totally assimilating to California. I asked her how she liked living in LA. Her reply: "It would be okay if it weren't for all the Californians." Sounds like Austin.

Update: This post is generating some nasty-grams in the comments sections and my email inbox. Some readers have taken exception to my tone. Yeah, yeah I get it. I'm old. I don't understand. Well, that's all bullshit. I do understand, and I'm a big fan of these guys too. It took a lot of balls to pack up the band and move to LA. And it showed a great deal of initiative and courage on the part of Brian, my brother in law. So regardless of whether or not they make it big, I think the band's display of commitment to their art speaks volumes about them as people. Everybody happy? If not, pound sand.



At August 25, 2007, Anonymous candymachine said...

dude...incest is supposed to mean being supportive of your sister
not just knocking a band that probably has said more in one lyric then you say in a weeks worth of blogs...which reminds me,um..
"LA readers..."? come on...oh yeah, you're at the top of the blog scene, i forgot...guess that's why you are unaware that the knitting factory is the west coast "sister" (pun intended)to the famous New York knitting yeah, ok, "new york", let's see how do you describe a major city to an incestious moron who blogs while other people make art. i love you.

The Knitting Factory:

PS- you better approve me

At August 25, 2007, Blogger Kris Alexander said...

And people say literacy is dead...

At August 25, 2007, Blogger Michelle said...

Three points of contention:

1."Ironic clothing" WTF, that doesn't make any sense. That paradox was applicable only in the late 90's when punk kids ALL started wearing expensive "nonconformist" crap they paid for with mom and dad's $$.

2. These boys are not chasing fame and fortune. When you do what you love, and when what you love is music, well, it's the nature of the beast. It's not their fault you can't make music in hopes becoming partner at a law firm.

3. They're good. They are serious, nerd-core, if-you-love music-so-much-why-don't-you-marry it musicians. Don't slap them with a crappy cliche- it's lazy.

"Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success."
Dale Carnegie

At August 25, 2007, Blogger Kris Alexander said...

A note to my commentors...

1) I'm 34 years old so ironic clothing to me means things that might have hung in my closet in the 80s. In other words, the knitting factory probably isn't my scene. Yeah you can roll your eyes and think I'm old. You'll be in your thirties and have a kid some day too. Have fun.

2) Partner in a law firm? Please. Read the freaking blog or read the other blog where I write ( I am not climbing the corporate ladder. I'm actually doing what I love too. And if you think for a second that the band isn't looking to make a living from their music, then why the hell did they move to LA in the first place? I hope they find fame and fortune. I hope they make a crap load of money. I hope none of them ever sees the inside of a cubicle.

3) Anybody who knows me or knows my writing (the few that there are)understands my tone and voice. I'm not trashing them. Nobody has been more supportive. Didn't I say go to the show? Didn't I say "worship them like the rock gods that they are".

At August 29, 2007, Blogger Kathryn said...

Wow! Thanks everyone for surfing the Not the Government traffic online, finding my brother's blog, and racing to the band's defense. Passion for music, art, and life is a great thing to cultivate and spread around. I would like to point out that my brother, (and you can pretty much apply this to everything concerning Kris) was being ironic and sarcastic. No one in my family has been more supportive of me and Not the Government than he has been. I sincerely hope to see everyone who posted a comment at the Knitting Factory show-- I'll be the one at the merch booth.

Kathryn Lieb

At October 08, 2007, Blogger Tone said...

not the government... i've come to the conclusion that you can't put anything they do in to words. they are ridiculously good. make it a point to see them you surely won't be disappointed. a legend in the making.


At October 08, 2007, Blogger Tone said...

not the government...i've come to the conclusion that you cannot put in to words what these guys do. they are a legend in the making.


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