Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rumble on the 40 Acres

The opening ceremony is underway with rousing music from the UT Band and Choir plus some general windbaggery from UT types. (Remember I'm at Texas Tech grad--get your guns up!)

Let's take a look at how the candidates stack up on issue that are near and dear to my heart: defense.


End the War in Iraq

Fulfilling Our Promises to Veterans


Foreign Policy



Homeland Security

And one highlight: Building a 21st Century Military
  • The Problem: The excellence of our military is unmatched. But as a result of a misguided war in Iraq, our forces are under pressure as never before. Obama will make the investments we need so that the finest military in the world is best-prepared to meet 21st-century threats.
  • Rebuild Trust: Obama will rebuild trust with those who serve by ensuring that soldiers and Marines have sufficient training time before they are sent into battle.
  • Expand the Military: We have learned from Iraq that our military needs more men and women in uniform to reduce the strain on our active force. Obama will increase the size of ground forces, adding 65,000 soldiers to the Army and 27,000 Marines.
  • New Capabilities: Obama will give our troops new equipment, armor, training, and skills like language training. He will also strengthen our civilian capacity, so that our civilian agencies have the critical skills and equipment they need to integrate their efforts with our military.
  • Strengthen Guard and Reserve: Obama will restore the readiness of the National Guard and Reserves. He will permit them adequate time to train and rest between deployments, and provide the National Guard with the equipment they need for foreign and domestic emergencies. He will also give the Guard a seat at the table by making the Chief of the National Guard a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.



At February 21, 2008, Blogger Shorey said...

How great that you got in! Good write up, as well. Hope you're doing well.

At April 18, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is great that you got in. Thanks for your service.

At November 07, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just ran across your blog. Congrats on the win, Tech played a kick ass game and definitely deserved the win. GL the next two weeks.

At June 20, 2012, Blogger Katie said...

I relaise this is an old post but I wanted to write somewhere how interesting I've found reading through your blog to be.

I work for a charity in the UK (Hire a Hero provide help for soldiers leaving the military... just to let you know where my interest stems from!

I suppose I should buy your novel now! haha


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