Tuesday, March 15, 2005

New Addition to the Blogosphere


Waheed claims to be a blogger out of AFG, and if its true this is exciting stuff. There are some that will probably say (like they did with Iraqthemodel) that this is part of a US I/O campaign, but I really don't care. If this guy really is posting out of AFG, then he is a needed voice. Let's hope Waheed posts frequently.

BTW, some of the details that he is writing about sound pretty true, especially when he talks about the ANA. So if this guy is a plant, he's a well-researched one.

This is basically the point that I was trying to make in my WIRED article. People in the intel community should be reading stuff like this. Because if Waheed does really know of some real farmers who are pissed about the poppy eradication effort, then we should know about it....and then do something about it. This is great intel.


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