Monday, April 04, 2005

SFC Paul R. Smith, Hero

A lot of other bloggers have written better posts about SFC Smith than I can. I watched the ceremony and got choked up. I have been lucky enough to spend my adult life surrounded by men and women like SFC Smith, and if our country ever runs out of people like him, we're in trouble.

Does anyone know if their is some kind of scholarship fund or foundation for his kids? If so email me or post in the comments. I'll spread the word.

Update: Video about SFC Smith. He sounds like exactly what we mean when we say "backbone of the Army".


At April 05, 2005, Anonymous Bobby said...

Well, I don't know about a scholarship fund for his children per se, but I do know that they can be admitted into West Point based on their qualifications alone, and do not have to compete with other applicants.

One of our NCOs worked under him at 3rd ID, and I'll ask him if he knows anything about it when he gets back from leave.


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