Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Military Blogs

Noah over at Defense Tech has steered his readers to some MILBLOGs that are worth reading.

It ain't easy, blogging from the front lines. Keeping a website up isn't exactly the top priority under fire. And what's written often leans towards boosterism -- especially when the brass tends to clamp down on the more unvarnished depictions of military life.
But I've stumbled across a trio of U.S. Army bloggers in Iraq that I think are worth a read. With moving, you-are-there descriptions of military life, pictures from the battlezone, and ruminations on the big questions that war raises,
Major K, Thunder6, and Lieutenant C are extremely clickable. And, since all three are from the same batallion, readers get the benefit of three sets of eyes on the same questions and situations. Good stuff.

I clicked around in them before work this morning. I really like these blogs. I had a very "echelons above reality" view of the war when I was at CENTCOM. These guys do a great job of taking you down to the street level. But, they are also officers so they might have a wider/different perspective (no offense to the enlisted bloggers out there). Anyway, great catch Noah. These are worth a click.


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