Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Will Soap Operas Spell the Downfall of Kim Jong Il?

from NYT

How Electronics Are Penetrating North Korea's Isolation

SEOUL, South Korea - Halfway through a video from North Korea, the camera pans on a propaganda portrait of Kim Jong Il, North Korea's leader, magnificent in his general's dress uniform with gold epaulets. Scribbled in black ink across his smooth face is a demand for "freedom and democracy."

More: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/15/international/asia/15north.html?pagewanted=1

This is really interesting piece and show how much technology can impact societies in a short period of time. I remember reading that all radios in North Korea have their dials welded to the state-run statio....all commie all the time...

When I was researching my novel, I found out that there are no internet connection in North Korea and there is not even an official North Korean website. There is this site but I think its out of Japan.

So anyway, if we're seeing a tech boom in North Korea that is allowing an influx of new ideas, how long will it be before we see North Korean bloggers? And how long will it take the North Koreans to figure out that they're getting a pretty raw deal out of life? How long will the status quo last?


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