Friday, March 18, 2005

Radio Free Swarthmore

I did another radio interview about my WIRED article last night for a college program coming out of Swarthmore College which I suspect is one of those places where Mrs. Alexander's boy didn't have the SATs scores to get into. The interview was part of project that they've started to do in-depth reporting on the War in Iraq.

Tanya, the student who interviewed me, did a great job. It was her second interview, but she sounded like a pro. Plus, she promised to make me sound smart when the interview aired so she must not be afraid of hard work either.

It is good to see college kids engaged in things like this. I spent most of my college career drinking beer and chasing girls. Luckily, I met Julie so at least some of that paid off. But, I think my time would have been better spent doing things like this.

Here are some links to what they're doing:

BTW, she also gave me a chance to talk about my novel which I believe is one of the greatest pieces of American Literature that has yet to be published. (Right, now somewhere in the world someone is rolling up their pants because my bullshit just got a little too deep.)


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