Monday, October 03, 2005

Hurricane Wrap-up

Things have returned to normal here. Texas is very much in the fight with recovery efforts, but I'm out of the Hurricane business for now. Overall, I'd give the state a C+. We got the job done, but we need improvement in certain areas.

I'm busy catching up on other stuff so posting will be light for a couple days. Here are some "action" pics from our end of the disaster. I'm just glad that they are not pics of my pecan trees blown down after tropical force winds hit Austin.

Yours truly in the EOC. (Note: I air brushed out my agency logo on the shirt and the badge on my hip. Security.)

The EOC in action. Lots of money went into this facility, and it paid off.

Whiteboard in action. This was from when we were trying to figure out how to get people who did not have cars back to their hometowns. I'm left-handed, and my handwriting sucks. That's actually the reason I "like" powerpoint. I can actually read what I write. This leaves me going "huh?"

EOC disaster supplies. Who bought all the sprite? No caffeine so it's useless. That will be sitting outside my office for months.

Life in the EOC is bad for you. I didn't gain any weight though. We've got an APFT coming up in NOV and I want to smoke 2LT B's bags. Have to show these twenty years olds who's boss.


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