Friday, September 23, 2005


I'm off shift right now so I don't have all the latest and greatest. Looks like the winds still haven't hit the strike zone, but they are picking up.

There still appears to be lots of scrambling on the special needs evacuation. The bus fire made my stomach churn.

The state surged lots of resources into the evac zone last night. Commercial fuelers, national guard truck pumping units, Texas Department of Transportation fuelers were all launched down the highways to fuel stranded motorists. We even had the Coast Guard flying in fuel blivets. (I think the Coast Guard is one of the most under-rated organizations in this country. What a great bunch of folks.)

DPS troopers were leading bus "strike teams" into the zone to pull out motorists.

Air evacuation was being surged into the strike zone.

Shelters are opening throughout the state as far away as Amarillo and Abilene.

The shelters in Bryan/College Station filled up so evacuees were diverted to Austin. As of midnight last night we had several thousand in shelters. Not sure where we stand now.

I'll be on shift overnight as the storm makes landfall. More to follow...


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