Sunday, September 18, 2005

Help For My Soldier

I've blogged about my soldier who lost everything in Katrina here and here.

I still have intermittent communications with him. He and his family are safe, but there lives have been tossed around. They have literally lost everything. House is total loss. Possessions are a total loss. They have received $2,000 from FEMA, but no other assistance. I am hooking him up with other groups, but I want to do more. The best way to help is with money.

We worked with USAA to set him up a seperate account which only he and his family have access to. You can wire money into it, but only they can take it out. This is the primary means by which I am going to get my unit to donate funds. Most of us are in Texas. He is in Mississippi so money travels best.

Here is the info:

SSG Keith Blalock
Account #: 28719387
USAA Federal Savings Bank

If you have any questions, you can call the good folks at USAA at this number which USAA has set up for Hurricane victims: (800) 531-8222

Two notes: If you want to wire money, but aren't sure if you can trust me, email me and I can put you in contact with SSG Blalock. If you still aren't comfortable, then donate to another charity. Your help will find its way to the Blalocks one way or another.

And for all you assholes out there. All you internet scammers and spammers, you know who you are. Mister South African Lawyer and Nigerian Business Owner. You, the guy who keeps trying to sell me discounted Viagra. Listen up. We've put control measures in place to keep you out of the account. Plus, you'd have to be pretty damn dumb to screw with one of America's finest. You've been warned.


At September 22, 2005, Anonymous alex said...

Is there an address we can send checks to?


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