Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Welcome Home to Austin Marines

Marines from Bravo and Weapons Companies 1-23 Marines returned to Austin this weekend (photos). They share the reserve center with our BN HQ and HHD at Camp Mabry, and we had drill the same weekend that they were mobilizing about a year ago. It was sad to watch them go.

They lost three guys over in Iraq, and were involved in some of the toughest fighting in Al Anbar Province and in Fallujah. From everything that I've heard they did a great job and brought honor to their Country, the Corps, and the State of Texas.

Like all Reservists, these guys are just ordinary people. Students. Teachers. Neighbors. But, for the last year, they were called upon to do extraordinary things.

I wish Austin did more to honor their sacrifice. The other day I was driving down HWY 281 near Blanco. All along the road there were signs welcoming the 1st CAV home from Iraq. The whole county had come together to post these signs all along the highway. No such thing happened here. It’s a shame.

Fellow "Austinite" Austin Bay was at the ceremony.

UDATE: More on Texas Marines: "The Reservists Who Fight"


At November 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, I was one of the Marines sitting on the Bus. Not that I wanted a big parade or anything, but it did hit us that nobody cared one bit! Austinites were probably busy celebrating ficticious Donkeys or getting stoned..


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