Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thailand Terror

Well this sucks:

BANGKOK, Thailand - In a show of force, suspected Islamic separatists set off at least four bombs and fired at security personnel in an evening attack Thursday on a provincial capital in southern Thailand, killing at least one person.

Officials at the provincial hospital in Yala, the capital of the province of Yala, said police private Somporn Dulayanit was killed and 19 other people were injured, including three policemen.


"The five points where the bombs exploded are places where people go during the night — a hotel, two 7-Elevens, near a restaurant and near the railway station — all of which are usually crowded with people, so we can say that the troublemakers targeted on innocent people," he told Thai TV Channel 5.


The commander of the task force for the immediate area, Col. Kitti Intason, said the attackers set off a bomb at the provincial power station to cause a blackout before the other attacks.

After the bombs exploded, the attackers opened fire on crowds of people with automatic weapons, Kwanchart said. He declined to say how many attackers there were but said that one suspect had been arrested with a weapon.

The three weeks that my unit spend in Thailand last year at Cobra Gold were a wonderfully enriching experience. We made friends with many of our Thai counterparts, and I hope none of them were hurt. The Thai soldiers are tough and competent, and I wish them good hunting as they track down the murderers responsible for these attacks.

This is just further proof that we are facing a global insurgency that is gaining competence. Note how this attack was initiated. Knock out the power grid and then start killing. You can bet that this attack template will be disected and disseminated on all the Jihadi (or Arhabi as MAJ K calls them) websites. No doubt the bad guys will add this tactic to their kit bags. How long until something like this hits us here at home?


At July 15, 2005, Anonymous Derek of Hesperia said...

Hey Kris.

"How long until something like this hits us here at home?"

We all know "this" will happen here sooner or later.

I've been telling everyone dear to me that the time will come when we "ordinary folks" will be dealing with IED's and a lot of other mayhem these terrorist use to kill, mutilate and freighten us.

Imagine driving from L.A. to Las Vegas on any given Friday afternoon. Or driving from Colton to Van Nuys to get to work on any Monday morning. Then imagine what would happen to all of the millions of innocent humans going about their business on the roadways of southern California if these scum-bag terrorists start setting and detonating IED's!

Pretty scary, Huh?

I hate to say it, but it's going to happen.... And there isn't a DAMN thing we can do about it but kill ALL terrorists.

I have a three year old son... His grand children will be fighting this war long after he and I are gone.

I'm not scared for myself, my son or his grand-kids....

I just wish more of our countrymen weren't such PUSSIES.

America will NOT live under Sharia Law. Period!!!!

I have said what I needed to say... Thanks for the platform to say it.


At July 16, 2005, Blogger Joshua said...

In Thailand

At July 16, 2005, Blogger Joshua said...

You aren't looking at this correctly, southern Thailand is not Thai and it is not Buddhist but the Thais have been trying to make it that way for years. There was going to be a blowback eventually and here it is. This is not part of a global jihadist agenda, though it looks similar and global jihadists will likely stoke the flames. As much as you want to deny it, there is a functional relationship between oppression and terrorism. Islam is endowed with a particularly barbaric repertoire for responding to it's adherent's oppressors, real and perceived-- but a response should not surprise us, it is deserved, now the character of the response, well it is just sick, sick, sick, and of course, not deserved.

At January 04, 2007, Anonymous Thai TV said...

"You aren't looking at this correctly, southern Thailand is not Thai and it is not Buddhist but the Thais have been trying to make it that way for years."

Thai people are quite kind.
But if I where muslim in South Thailand I would avoid to awake the sleeping beast...


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